Which MMA Fighting Style Is The Most Effective?

Modern day mixed martial art battles rarely pit a single style against one other style. Though fighters might be stronger within a single battling style, every serious competitor cross trains within the three primary components of mixed martial arts:


Through the years most martial arts faded away from mixed martial arts competition, whereas other ones strengthened. Notably taekwandoo, kung fu, and karate have all proven to be insufficient in the cage over additional striking styles.

Kickboxing, American boxing and Muay Thai with its focus on knees, kicks and elbows have proven the most efficient striking art within mixed martial arts.

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The capability of taking your opponent down toward the mat, and the capability of defending against takedowns will be critical in mixed martial arts.

Fighters who have a dominant wrestling style oftentimes take down their opponents and punish them using strikes while they keep them from the ability to get back up.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

During the begining of mixed martial arts, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu’s success within the sport was due in part because of the truth that many of the opponents didn’t possess any knowledge in submission defense.

Now wrestlers and strikers all train fundamental submission defense in order to keep themselves from being arm-barred or choked out.

As most conventional martial arts were demonstrated not to be effective within cage fights, there include some exceptions.

Lyoto Machida, former UFC Champion, baffles opponents with his unusual stance that’s heavily influenced in karate. Machida’s striking style isn’t just karate; his style integrates boxing striking theories, footwork, and range.

The best fighters worldwide are well-rounded within all three components of mixed martial arts. One of the best MMA fighters worldwide, BJ Penn, is well-known for his advanced submission skills, yet also possesses amazing takedown defense, incredible jabs and what some would say, the best boxing within the UFC.

Hall of Famer and former light heavyweight champ, Chuck Lidell was known for his superb knockout power. Though mainly well-known as a striker, Chuck’s extended background in wrestling aided him in earning a reputation as an expert within takedown defense.

Even the top wrestlers of UFC experienced a difficult time taking Lidell down and keeping the fighter down.

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