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Masters Council Press Release
#38 – 0–dragosani–Masters Council Press Release–2005-12-07 20:47:40

#A new and unique multi-style advisory body has been established following discussions and interviews with Neil Horton, Secretary, Martial Arts Brotherhood. The Masters Council originated from two of the members putting forward a series of aspects of the martial arts fraternity that could be improved and where Neil Horton had noted a general lack of guidance from other masters in the martial arts community. With this in mind, a Masters Council was forged from the voluntary advise and assistance offered by Steve Arneil, Sotaro Honda, Ross Iannoccaro, Doug James, Alfie Lewis, Leo Lipinski, Dave Oliver, Kevin Pell, Peter Spanton, Allan Tattersall and John Waite. – http://www.martialartsbrotherhood.org.uk/

Masters Council Members

Mr Steve Arneil ~ 9 dan Kyokushinkai

Mr Sotaro Honda ~ 6 dan Kendo

Mr Ross Iannoccaro ~ 6 dan Ju-Jutsu

Mr Doug James ~ 7 dan Wado-ryu

Mr Alfie Lewis ~ 8 dan Freestyle

Mr Leo Lipinski ~ 7 dan Goju-ryu

Mr Dave Oliver ~ 7 dan Taekwondo

Mr Kevin Pell ~ 8 dan Ju-Jitsu

Mr Peter Spanton ~ 8 dan Wado-ryu

Mr Allan Tattersall ~ 8 dan Ju-jitsu, 6 dan Iaido

Mr John Waite ~ 7 dan Aikido, 5 dan Judo

Neil Horton comments, “Over the thirty or so years I have been involved within the martial arts there has always been a great void and separation between specific martial forms, whether they be Japanese or Korean or other, especially when different governing bodies or organisations go their own way. The ‘splintering’ of groups has been extremely damaging in certain areas of the martial arts. Politics and business only serves to create further alienation from the true martial framework. So I thought to myself why not bring some of the masters and my friends together to offer support and advice to members of the martial arts fraternity regardless of their political stance or organisation. Thankfully, almost everyone I asked for help readily offered it with no questions asked. I am fortunate to know the council members and to be in contact with them on a regular basis. All of the masters are gentlemen and genuine martial art masters. I was astounded how generous the masters are and always there to help me…”

The Masters Council boasts some of the finest martial artists in the world. Members include Steve Arneil 9th dan Kyokushinkai, Sotaro Honda 6 dan Kendo, Ross Iannoccaro 6th dan Ju-Jutsu, Doug James 7th dan Wado-ryu, Alfie Lewis 8th dan Freestyle Karate, Leo Lipinski 8th dan Goju, Dave Oliver 7th dan Taekwondo, Kevin Pell 8th dan Ju-Jitsu, Peter Spanton 8th dan Wado-ryu, Allan Tattersall 8th dan Ju-Jitsu and John Waite 7th dan Aikido. Other well known masters have been approached but are not in a position to give an affirmative at the time of this press release. So what two areas were identified and how were they going to be addressed by the Masters Council?

Firstly, some masters have agreed to conduct seminars over the forthcoming months subject to dates and times. The idea is not to have two or three masters teaching the same form or style or the same seminar, but for example, have a Ju-Jitsu seminar in the morning and a Karate session in the afternoon, or a Taekwondo seminar in the morning and an Aikido class in the afternoon. Indeed, there are several alternatives that could be put together. The seminars would be open to all practicing martial artists regardless of their individual background. It is a fantastic opportunity to share ideas and train with the masters. Every attendee will receive a signed attendance certificate from the master concerned. There may also be the opportunity to take pictures and ask questions direct. No applicant will be turned down or discriminated against in any shape or form.

Secondly, all the masters have agreed to be approached by Neil Horton with specific questions or advice required from different members of the public. For instance, there may be an individual that wants advice on Kyokushinkai and therefore Neil Horton would approach Steve Arneil for the answer. Any martial arts related question can be put forward and the Council will attempt to answer it. The are many questions and opinions that can be put forward.

With such a vast wealth of knowledge and experience to share, the Masters Council will be a great pool of information. It must be said that without the generous and kind nature of the aforementioned masters, there would not be such a body in existence. Also, what a terrible waste of experience and knowledge it would be if the masters were to stay within their own association for whatever motive.

Neil Horton also plans to create a monthly newsletter on email to provide those interested in the masters events and to update other martial artists with advice and tips. There will be regular interviews with the Masters Council members for general release to those wishing to have them sent free on email.

The Masters Council operates without any politics and simply conducts itself in an advisory capacity.

The Masters Council ~

STEVE ARNEIL is currently a ninth dan in a karate style known as Kyokushinkai, which literally translates into the ‘ultimate truth’. Mr Arneil trained directly under the founder of the system, Mas Oyama, and was even adopted by him in order that he could wed his Japanese bride. Mr Arneil trained in Japan for many years and was the first person to complete the one hundred man kumite ( he fought one hundred men one after the other). Mr Arneil is also the former British Karate Team manager and currently the chief instructor of the British Karate Kyokushinkai. To date, Mr Arneil has been a martial artist for over fifty years.

SOTARO HONDA holds a sixth dan in Kendo and his currently coach to the British Kendo Team.

ROSS IANNOCCARO currently holds a sixth dan in Ju-Jutsu and has been a martial artist for over thirty years. Mr Iannoccaro has been seen has a pioneer with Ju-Jutsu where he has transformed an ancient form also into a sport and devised a system known as Grapple and Strike. Mr Iannoccarro is also very traditional in his teachings too and believes everyone, regardless of what style they study, has a voice and can be beneficial in some way.

DOUG JAMES is a holder of a seventh dan in Wado-ryu karate. Mr James is a prominent advisor to the English Karate Governing Body and holds the official title of being a World Class Referee. Mr James is also the founder of Chojinkai Karate International and owner of Video Martial Arts, producing high quality instructional videos and dvds.

ALFIE LEWIS is the holder of a eighth degree black belt in Freestyle Karate. Alfie ‘ the animal’ Lewis has a fantastic fighting record, winning the World Kickboxing title on no less than five occasions. Mr Lewis is also an author in his chosen subject and regarded as one of the greatest of all semi-contact fighters.

LEO LIPINSKI is the official holder of a eighth degree black belt in Goju-ryu karate. Mr Lipinski is one of he highest graded non-Japanese exponents of his art. Mr Lipinski is a European representative and holds a mandate to examine masters to a high grade level.

DAVE OLIVER is the official chairman of the Taekwondo Assoication of Great Britain. Mr Oliver has trained many great champions and respectfully holds the rank of seventh degree black belt.

KEVIN PELL is the holder of eighth degree black belt in Ju-jitsu and founder of the Ishin-ryu system. Mr Pell has been an official unarmed combat instructor to the British Special Forces, more notably the Special Air Service.

PETER SPANTON is the founder of Higashi Karate and holder of an eighth degree black belt in Karate. Mr Spanton has represented his country in international fighting tournaments and also seen as an early pioneer of his art in the UK.

ALLAN TATTERSALL is the founder of the United Kingdom Ju Jitsu Association and has all grades, eighth dan Ju-jitsu and sixth dan Iaido, verified in Japan.

JOHN WAITE is the holder of a seventh degree black belt in Aikido and also a fifth degree level in Judo. Mr Waite has been a martial artists for many decades and heads associations in the UK and now his native New Zealand.

In conjunction with Combat Magazine, a series of Masters Series articles have been written to cover specific areas of the martial arts. As well as the Council members contributing, there are also pieces provided by Larry Hartsell, Jeet Kune Do, George Dillman, 9 dan Kyusho-jutsu, Robin Horsfall, 5 dan Shukokai, Master Wai-Po Tang of Wing Chun, Mr Tommy Morris, 8 dan Shito-ryu and Tatsuo Suzuki, 8 dan Wado-ryu to name just a few. The Masters Series is to run shortly. Further information on the calibre and background of the masters can be provided at any time.

If you have a question that you would like to ask a master or would like to know more about the Masters Council seminars in the future, please email it to [email protected] or call Neil direct on 07916 206721.

© Martial Arts Brotherhood 2005



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