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Seni06 Light Kick Junior Open Championships
#60 – 0–dragosani–Seni06 Light Kick Junior Open Championships–2006-04-22 19:44:51

#Seni06 is to feature an exciting event dedicated to achieving a unque Junior Kickboxing Experience, giving these competitors the chance to fight where the Pain & Glory fighters do battle.

Seni06 will then invite all competitors & spectators into the Exhibition which hosts over 150 stands, some of the most spectacular features & fighting celebrities which Martial Arts has to offer such as UFC Champion, Chuck ‘Iceman’ Liddell, Thai Boxing legend, Ramon Dekker, Kill Bill star, Gordon Liu, to mention but a few!

With only 2 weeks to go, please get your fighters booked in – please remember to include coaches names.
Pre-booking contributes enormously to the smooth running of events, please support the organisers with this & contact MAGB by 30th April with your information.

The Seni06 Light Kick Junior Open Championships will be held in the 2,500 seater Main Arena in three boxing rings on Sunday 7th May and run in association with MAGB.


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