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Personal Protection (Part 3 – Fear Control)
#44 – 0–dragosani–Personal Protection (Part 3 – Fear Control)–2005-12-18 20:51:39

#fear control

Jeff Gonsalves of the Shudan Dojo continues his series of articles on personal safety with a look at fear control.

Training the mind is as important as training the body. If the body is strong but the mind is weak, you will always be defeated. A strong mind properly trained will get you through the stress and pain of a physical encounter. Knowledge of the body and how to control the feeling of adrenaline build up when under stress will greatly help you. Understanding the mechanics of adrenaline greatly lessons its impetus. The shock factor of adrenaline is scary if you do not understand it. This unpleasant and strong emotion can cause you to freeze in terror if you don’t understand what’s going on. The key to adrenaline is don’t panic; this is not easy but the adrenal syndrome needs to be addressed and understood so it can be harnessed and utilised.

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