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Trevor Jefferson Seminars
#21 – 0–dragosani–Trevor Jefferson Seminars–2005-11-16 13:58:58

#Ching Wu Academy, Manchester are organising a series of seminars with reknowned Wing Chun Master Trevor Jefferson.

Sifu Trevor is highly skilled, and extremely approachable, with an unassuming and quiet attitude. He has spent many years training with Master Ip Chun and Ip Ching in Hong Kong, as well as being the most senior instructor in Master Samuel Kwoks Association.

– Also being organised is a 3 instructor seminar with Trevor Jefferson teaching Wing Chun, Internal Arts Master John Bollwell teaching Bagua, and Sensei Mick Padgett of KUGB teaching an Okinawan Pole form (Kata). This will be an all day seminar, each instructor teaching for two hours, with a short break between sessions for rest and discussion.

We are hoping to keep prices as low as possible for this fantastic learning experience.

Dates are being arranged around spring and early summer for these seminars…and there has been great interest already.

Contact Sifu David McKeown at

chingwu@ntlworld for further details.–comments–>0–92–3

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