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Starting Out in Aikido
#41 – 0–dragosani–Starting Out in Aikido–2005-12-11 22:36:47

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Ashley Scholefield of the
White Rose Aikikai has provided a second article on starting out in Aikido.

Students of Aikido practice how to use their body and mind in a natural and efficient way. Aikido highlights many different types of attack with responses including throws, holds, joint locks, pins, and disarming techniques. In addition to unarmed training, Aikido practice also includes learning how to use weapons such as the Bokken (Wooden Sword), Jo (Wooden Staff) and Tanto (Wooden Knife). Many observers perceive elements of other martial arts when watching an Aikido class; however Aikido has many unique technical features including a particular approach to using movement, timing, and reaction. Based around a basic core with infinite variations, Aikido also develops judgment, balance and increased awareness….

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