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If someone pulls a knife on you there are three aspects:

A trained fighter with a knife: You lose all day long, you could be the best fighter in the world, you aint controlling that knife.

The only time you may win is that you have a longer weapon or gun.

A muppet with a knife: These people hardly have any understanding of martial arts, so therefore when they commit an attack you have a chance of controlling the knife. They are not spitting at you or trying to rip your head off. They think one attack is enough.

A martial artist with a knife, not trained: Still fall into illusions and traps of misunderstanding body mechanics and simple movements. If i’m stabbing you to your stomach, you move off and take my arm with the knife. For controlling purposes.

Why not retract your arm and re-stab, why not use your other tools. I’m gonna be punching you with my free arm, biting you etc.

Ask yourself this question:

When you train in knife fighting is someone letting you do your technique, selling the illusion for money. YES they are.

If someone pulls a knife on you the rules have changed, their intention is to hurt you, you think one attack is gonna stop them. Have someone really go for you, with all the tools and move their feet right or left, How many people do you really stop??????

None without an advantage.
Twisted Evil Twisted Evil Twisted Evil

I suspect the best knife defence is to get the hell out of there. Even a complete idiot can cause massive damage with a knife. The “single lunge” attack which would allow you to take control is a rarity – you’re more likely to be defending against stanley-knife short, sharp slashes that you aren’t going to be catching too easily.

It would make sense to me to run like hell if you have the opertunity.But if you are cornered or in a situation where you have to defend your self.

In the street its no like a competion and sometimes it can be a matter of life or death.So if you have to fight then fight.After all whats the alternative if you cant run away.

I,m not a violent person and i,m very calm and displined but how can honestly weigh up an attacters strenghs or weakness or trianing or lack off until i,m put in that situation.

After all none of us are indestructable its just down to trianing and luck.But I would rather defend my self id I have to than to roll into a ball and hope for the best.Hope this makes sense or a few of you know what I mean.

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