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Wanted things

Hi All,

If you steal things from others Arts, what would they be and why???

Twisted Evil Twisted Evil Twisted Evil Twisted Evil Twisted Evil

wanted things

stealing from other arts doesn’t sound very nice. if i saw a technique that i thought i could use and i was going to show it, i would say where i saw it from. give other arts credit where it is due. as it is there really isn’t anything i would take from other arts except maybe aikido’s fluidity and karate’s directness.

As there are only so many ways to block a punch or kick and so many ways to punch or kick an opponent and so many ways that you can apply a lock or take down, then many variations of similar techniques appear to be ‘stolen’. In reality they are just independently descovered.

I have been taught exactly the same lock when training in Ninjutsu, Aikido and Karate.

What would I steal…invisbility from Ninjutsu Very Happy

I have ben known to borrow things from Akido and done a bit from Kickboxing. My style is Tjj but in my do jo we like to think off ourselfs as an all styles martial arts acadmey.Sorry my spelling rubbish.but other martial artist from other clubs come trian with us and we are very open in our approach

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