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Striking and the effects you hope to achieve doing it

Ok, so really when we hit someone we want to KO them. But in reality that is a great deal harder than you might think. I teach circular striking this enables me and my students to not only hit bloodyhard but if the strike doesn’t achieve the desired effect kuzushi is broken then throwing comes into play.

Do you have a specific way of striking? what is your fave strike

KK Twisted Evil


Here’s a thing I always try (rarely succeed) to implement when engaging in kumite.
Musashi said that if you try to touch, you’ll miss, if you try to cut, you’ll only touch, if you try to kill, you’ll only cut.
He also warns about having favourite techniques although it is good to have an armoury for use against those who have not fought against you before, the opening gambit for instance, unless you have a mind which decides for itself which move is right for the moment.

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