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One Weapon

Hi All,

You have the choice of one weapon, what would that weapon be?
NO GUNS ETC……………….. Twisted Evil Twisted Evil Twisted Evil Twisted Evil Twisted Evil

A lightsaber

A TANK Very Happy

Hey Neil

Doesn’t a tank class as a big gun (well it did when I with the army anyway) That is unless your planning to squash an opponent. Rolling Eyes

In seriousness, a little while ago, East sensei demonstated how difficult it would be to avoid a well trained swordsman when unarmed and trust me it’s darn near impossible unless your lightning quick on your feet. As for disarming a swordsman – well we both know it’s possible in theory and in training with a bokuto but if faced with a live Katana ?????

So there’s my choice – my blade every time. (with possibly my nunchuka as backup if I ever master the tecniques Embarassed)

OK, if I can’t have a tank, my weapon would be….East Sensei Shocked

Failing that, some Nike running shoes.

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