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Budo or what?

Increasingly we see the term Budo being used in descriptions of martial arts whether or not the art is of Japanese or Okinawan origin.
This seems like an attempt to hijack the term so everyone thinks of the Japanese Samurai martial way and in some way imparts and conjoins those high principles into the minds of those prospective money paying students who are researching a possible club.
I feel quite sure that the Escrima or boxing fraternity would object to this for they have their own philosophy, whilst others may have no particular philosophy at all except to do-in someone. (correct me if I am wrong).
Budo is far more than just a fight system and is so deeply ingrained in the Japanese way as to be almost impossible to separate or to extract and re-cook as something foriegn.
In England the vacuum cleaner was always called a Hoover. In fact no-one knew what a vacuum cleaner was without thinking about it. Hoover was the best and only one. Perhaps the word Budo is going that way as well, but it is a pity to see that happen as it dilutes the essential Samurai spirit. Those who use the word to describe their art must realise that there are just as many if not more people, who know the truth but say nothing.
I’m off now, to do the hoovering.

That is an interesting comparison between Hoover and Budo as terms.

The fact that everyone uses the term Hoover is simply a massive brand positioning success. You do not see a car and say Ford, but to see a vacuum cleaner and say Hoover means that the name is synonymous with the product.

Is that what these Martial Arts and schools are looking for ? Quite possibly.

I notice in America that they are becoming Ryu-ha fixated. If your lineage is not traceable back X number of hundred years, your MA is not true. What complete rubbish. Your MA may be more modern, it may have modern teaching styles and philosophies, that does not automatically make it inferior. ( When I say modern I mean less than 150 years old)

If a school or art feels that the only way to gain credibility is to attach the word Budo to it, then I am afraid in my eyes the reverse is achieved and the chances are that the term is not understood by those purporting to represent it.

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