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all arts are in basic form the same?????

i wonder what is it that we call martial arts…….to some it means marching up and down the hall screaming kiiiiiii yaaaaaaa Shocked. which dont get me wrong if u enjoy it that is the main thing!!
boxing is a graet sport……i use the word sport because that is a what is, very good to watch and the skill is second to none! but from a everyday joe point of view who drinks to much, fat.. the training is to much to handle and when u do hit some one in self defence etc u bust your hand on his/her head, because the human hand is not designed to punch faces in…lol like monkeys for swinging and holding on to things, performing brain surgery!

no one wants to fight any body (that includes me…lol)
so lets be smart fights last seconds, so being down the gym running 8 miles a night and endless weights seems a little over kill i think……but people do, they forget that being good at the martial self defence means practicing it not swimmimg etc….im sure u know what i mean!!
who ever desides to mug (god forbid) you has only made that choose because u look weak shoulder slumped etc or he knows he is physically bigger and given the chance will beat u easy in a ono on one!!! so this is wear a walking stick would help……umbrella……rolled up magazine……
this would even the odds in your favour, to make a sharp exit and get help!!

a style in the end must suit u, be taloir made to ur own body shape etc
this then becomes ur style, no one is the same!!!
some thing to think about!! Confused

please feel free to comment on anything i have said!!
thank u for ur time
realistic self defence philippines style.


I agree in principal with what you said but…..

Some would say that the fitter you are, the quicker you heal.

The martial art I teach (Wing Chun), is suitable for most people. And a run of the mill kind of person can become very effective in a relatively short space of time. Size is not really an issue.

However, when you are looking at delivering anything from 4 to 6 strikes a second you need to be able to sustain that energy.

A fight may well last only a few moments or it could become prolonged especially if there are more than one attacking you. And let’s face it that is more often the case these days.

The fitter you are, the less the chance of running out of steam in a physical and respiratory manner. An adrenalin rush can also leave you drained.

Martial arts are also about life and maintaining a healthy balance.

Hopefully you will never have to use whatever art you choose as yours but age is a process that none of us can side step. However, like any fine tuned machine, if you keep your body in good condition and serviced regularly it should last a life time!

Saying this I do believe that when my students come to me, they come to learn Wing Chun and not spend the 1st 45 minutes doing exercises that they could do at home.

I conduct a brief warm-up and then it’s into techniques.

But hey! That’s just me. Cool


Hi, Laughing

I teach and train in both Karate and Escrima Concepts. We have around 20,000 students world wide and four Wing Chun, Wing Tsun groups come to us ito explain how their weapons really are used. We find that due to our movement and power, no-one can deal with us. That may sound very ego! Ask people like Bob Breen and Pat O’Malley. Since we are members of the World Martial Arts Alliance we can train with the best the world of Martial Arts has to offer.

Check it out and you will see it is good to be Us.


As for training we do a light stretch and warm up then it’s on tto the weapons and unarmed, then we move on to sparring, this can be from Light to Full Contact, as argeed by the two fighters.

Speak soon and train safely Twisted Evil

Training, in my opinion, is much more than just learing techniques, or kata, or getting fit, or learning how to fight.

I had never been in a fight before I started MA training, and over 20 years later I still have not been in a fight.

Get any new student to throw as harder punch as they can at you. Regardless of your MA style it is a piece of cake to step out the way, so it would be with 90% of tough guys on the street.

Surely what we learn is much more about self, spirit and our place in the world.

Altering technique to suit yourself? Isn’t that henka?

Hey EscrimaConcepts, cut back on the advertising please. I’m sure your arts are fine and well taught, but variety is the spice of life.

Gambatte kudasai

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