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interesting point

Here’s a point I see occasionally in some non-karate martial art salesmanship, that of the so called ‘black belt karate expert’ (quote) in danger of being defeated by ‘street fighters’ due to their lack of …whatever.
Now I’ve never actually seen or heard of that happening and I suppose it may just be because all the real experts (if that is a handle they really care to pin on themselves, which I doubt) know how to keep out of trouble without resorting to violence. Beginners get duffed up yes, mainly because they think they are suddenly an expert after 6 months training once or twice a week.
There needs to be some rethinking perhaps, about what karate is really all about and about what makes a well rounded karate person,
(trying to leave out all the sloppy references to ‘a better person for it’, ‘fitness’, ‘strength of character’, ‘respect’ and all those other by-products of hard karate training).
I must admit that the early days of training had a slightly different attitude to training; if you fell down with exhaustion you where picked up by the rest and thrown out of the window. Needless to say no-one ever did get thrown, they just realised they where not as exhausted as they thought. Today’s training may be more like; if you fall down from exhaustion the instructor gets sued. This strange attitude is stratifying the martial arts.
Anyway, by the time a man has done 5 or 10 years or more (preferably) proper training I doubt he has any idea of self agrandisement or puffed up pride left in him to worry about what people think about him and certainly no inkling to go out fighting in the street.
Any ideas?

These sort of quotes sound as though they are from biassed individuals who may be trying to justify (or aggrandise) their own system.

Depending on the context of the quotes, I experience some afinity with those people who may comment that the black belt Karateka who has studied the vastly over-popular sport based Karate styles, may be under the illusion that such skills would be highly effective against say and experienced practitioner of say, Jeet Kune Do. I would have to say that the Jeet Kune Do guy would invariably knock the spots off the sport based Karateka!

I agree that the whole question about the hypothetical “fight” between two such individuals is somewhat redundant, for the reasons you describe. If however, we were discussing the merits of sport based karate training versus kata based Karate, then I would admit to being quite biassed!

To attempt to make comparisons between differing arts in the way you have described others as doing is pointless, and shows the ignorance of such people, who haven’t really grasped the point that each art comes from differing cultures, and was developed at differing points in history. Various martial art development stemmed from the needs of the local population in their own cultural settings. To compare 19th century Karate say with Savate as a ridiculous example, seems bizarre. Just as it would to compare 21st century sport based Karate against Russan special forces unarmed combat!

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