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Just some food for thought really and to open some discussion perhaps.

When you train you are supposed to do so with everything you can muster, and the same is said for attacking an opponent. This I agree with but when undergoing kumite (fighting) in the dojo (hall) with a willing “volunteer” there must be some aspect of control.

The problems come from deciding what level of control that should be (easier for higher grades). If you get through the initial block or counter your depth of ttack needs to be reduced of course but the real problems come from when the “volunteer” is not ment to block and is meerly offering a “target”. How hard should you hit or not hit? I strongly believe if people are not attempting to block then they are not meerly a standing kick/punch bag and any technique should be short “Sundome” (but only just and still to target)…

What are other peoples opinions on this matter?

Happy discussing!?


Hi Unsu,
Quote: : It’s not a martial art unless there’s some whacking going on. Bob Orlando
The use of full / excessive force should never be required in training (other than when hitting the bag or pads).
Various levels of force may be applied throughout different phases of training dependent on the outcome you seek. The most force I personal would use is when I wish to create a flow. In that instance I would use just the force necessary to get a predetermined pain response from my partner.


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