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Hello All,

As the site is now picking up (both content and visitor wise) I thought it would be worth outlining a few rules that I’d like everyone to adhere to with regards to contributions to the site.

First off, Whichmartialart.com is non-political and is not tied to any particular club, style or association.

Please do not post articles that put down other arts/styles/clubs/associations.

Please do not attempt to control the freedom of other clubs to contribute or try to monopolise areas of the site for your own associations etc.

Please post news and articles that are relevant to newcomers. A little self promotion here and there is fine but the articles must have a purpose other than “My Club”.

WhichMartialArt.com is intended to provide useful information to newcomers, a forum for newcomers to ask questions and an outlet for experienced martial artists to share their knowledge and experience with others. Please try and keep to the spirit of the site in your contributions.

Many Thanks


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