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Looking for what?

Hi All,

What are the things you want to achieve with in Martial Arts????

What are you looking for since you have started in your Art?

I was looking for a system that was purely self-defence. I have worked in some pretty hostile places and had been injured several times.

I have tried many martial arts including JuJitsu, Aikido, Karate, Systema.

However my life has totally changed since taking up Krav Maga. It is the only system I have come across which has no philosophy, no ritual just pure and simple learning to defend yourself (getting extremely fit has been just a by-product.)

I have not been hurt since and if you are looking for pure and simple self defence this is where it’s at.

My site is www.kmw.org.uk if you want to know more.

Hi, nice site.

I was just looking around and wondered what kind of martial arts I would be interested in. Assuming i’m not too old Smile 31, I was seriously thinking about taking a martial arts class. The main problem is that I live in a very small town but it happens to have a Karate class just a block away. I live about an hour from the capitol where I spend my weekends. I could attend a class in the city but might not be available during the week for training, which could pose a major problem.

I guess I would mainly be interested in the artistic side, along with self-defense and some exercise as well – maybe even some of the philisophical aspects might interest me also. I would prefer a style that is graceful, flowing, artistic, relaxed, beautiful, and definitely defensive. I also have a love for the weaponry but that is certainly not a requirement. With so many styles out there, and given my unfortunate position of limited choices for my area, I though i’d get some insight from the members here that might help me know what styles would interest me most.

Thank you for any suggestions.

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