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Iaido or Iaijutsu?

Let me play devil’s advocate and pose this question….. “Is the art of drawing the sword AS IT IS PRACTICED TODAY a combat system or one of character development (with the usual zen philosophies)?”

I’m just looking to open a discussion and see what views people might have. Naturally I have my own, but I’ll wait and see what others might say before I air them. I don’t want to set a biassed slant within the initial post.

That must depend on the ryu ?

I trained in Setei Gata for a long while, and it was not taught as combat technique, even though the combat applications are clear.

The little bits of Katori Shinto I later learned are much closer to combat, but not as individual forms on their own.

These days I treat any kata, be it with weapon or empty hand, as just that, a method to ingrain techniques into my unconscious mind.

Whether these techniques should be taught to people who do not show correct character ( whatever your judgement of that is), is another matter.


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