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Aikido, circles or ovals?

Aikido, circles or ovals?
IMHO i believe it is ovals, purly because of the kuzushi, a circll would stay at a regular plane whilst the oval goes up and down
KK Twisted Evil

The circle is in all directions, horzontal to the ground, vertical to the ground and all points in between.

Just my 2 p

Neil Very Happy

Hi to all

Though not an Aikido student, I have a couple of books that are Aikido based as they show a direct comparison between Aikido open hand techniques and Kenjutsu techniques.(The structure of Aikido by Gaku homma is quite informative and has plenty of photo’s and clear explanations)

One thing all seem to have in common is that they all use three symbols to describe ashisabaki / taisabaki. These are the circle,triangle and square.

The circle symbolises tenkan or spinning, triangle = hiraki or opening and square = irimi or entering.

I feel sure that I’ve also read that Morihei Ueshiba taught Aikido ustilising these symbols, but don’t quote me on that.

Just as reference, I was once lent a book called Aikido, the dynamic sphere. A good but heavy read. But maybe it’s title says something.

All the best and safe training. Wink

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