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“Aikido” Any veiws on this please?

Why does your class sometimes get smaller,the higher in rank you get.
Is it because a student looks for personality in a Instructor,before Technical ability?. Is it because there are far more instructors now to make a choice from!. Could it be that from an Instructors veiw point,that you may have become isolated and not be aware of it. Stokoe

I am not sure there is a dirrect correlation. I think over time groups ‘ breathe’. They gain a few students, lose a few and over the longer term only the dedicated will be there week after month after year.

Look at some of the very old ryu-ha especially sword and you will find occasiions where the sensei or soke was teaching a single student.

There also might be a little in the way of ego going on, with students leaving because they have not progresed as they think they should ( ohh, dangerous ground I’m on here).

I’ve been both sides of this fence, but can only reflect on my own mistakes.

Interesting question though, thanks.


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