Top 5 Workouts For MMA Fighters

What separates us from bodybuilders is that what we look like is secondary to how well we perform. Therefore, doing bi’s and tri’s is of no interest to us if it doesn’t make us powerful, strong, and possess great endurance. Taking anaerobic conditioning out of the equation, here are 5 must have moves in your strength training routine.

A Form of Snatch

Preferably a power snatch. If your form is not of high quality, then use the single arm snatch until you perfect your technique. It’s great for developing explosive power and dynamic legs and hips. All my guys do one form or other of Olympic lifting. 

Weighted Chins

Chins have always been a staple in my programs. It’s in one form or other, one of two major pulling movements I use. A strong puller can usually eliminate shoulder injuries and as a bonus have a solid clinch.

Walking Or Slide Board Lunges

A great way to train both hip and knees and the muscles that support it. Big bang for your buck.

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The “Push Up”

Now you may think this seems a bit too easy to be on this list  but the push up is my favorite closed chain pushing movement. Add a vest and some sand bags and you have some serious load and it’s more sport specific.

Inverted Rows

Because I’m a big believer in being a strong puller, inverted rows, preferably with a TRX is a great way to do a horizontal pull. It is the direct antagonist of the push up or bench press.

That being said, it sometimes is even more important than the chin up based on their trap dominance.

There are a ton of other great movements as well that we dont want to forget. I would also give some attention to the squat, push press, deadlifts etc.

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