Throwdown Clothing, Bringing Attitude And Style To MMA Apparel

When Throwdown Clothing and Affliction Clothing teamed up to create versatile products of the highest qualtity that walk in the foot steps of creating powerful first impressions, the two mottoes were united and today what we see are a list of products that attract fans and fighters in the world or mixed martial arts.

For many people, Throwdown MMA would seem just like any other mixed martial arts clothing if they just look superficially.

A closer look, however, reveals that any Throwdown shirt has been specially crafted, stitched and designed to ensure that the prints are soft and that   repeated washes do not destroy the delicate fabrics that have been used to grace the Throwdown brand and conviction.

Wearing a Throwndown shirt is not the same as wearing a regular shirt. The final message from both brands can be felt in the overall shirt and this message is passed to the wearer.

People that look on anyone that is wearing a Throwdown shirt will notice that something is different about both the shirt and the wearer all together.

 Most of the shirts are designed with water based ink to give the soft feel that most fans and fighters like in the midst of an aggressive sport.

Whether a long sleeve shirt or a short sleeve shirt the Throwdown MMA has something for everyone. The name of each line of garment pays tribute to the design that has been painted on it.

The Throwdown Gladiator Tee for examples features two large skulls being held with a chain and Throwndown the logo boldly written in the middle of them. Another classic piece is the Throwdown Headstone Tee with the words ‘’Anytime any place’’ written on it.

The slogan, design and message that the color scheme sends will make any mixed martial arts fighter stand out above his opponents and general crowd. 

For those who want more than just Throwdown clothing, there are the Throwdown Brawler Shoe, Throwdown Wings Shoe and Throwdown On Top Remix Shoe which  are versatile pieces that have been made from comfortable, long-lasting materials and were specially designed taking into consideration every aspect of the human foot and body.

The Throwdown Wings Shoe for example has special features to eliminate the friction and abrasion that can be felt in some shoes. The Throwdown On Top Remix Shoe is made from leather and has been specially designed using neutral shades to ensure its flexibility when used everyday.

Most of the Throwdown shoes come in a wide variety of sizes making it possible for everyone to use this brand.

People that are looking for hoddies will not be disappointed with this item in the Throwdown clothing line. Hoddies of all shapes and sizes all bear the Throwdown MMA brand and have been specially wrapped in a wide variety of colors to guarantee individuality and distinction in the world of mixed martial arts.

The Throwdown MMA brand never disappoints its shoppers and with the fusion that has been made with Affliction, fans and fighters can expect original styles and ideas to be continually launched on the market that are always in step with the styles of the street.

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What started as a mixed martial arts and action sports brand, Throwdown Clothing has transcended into an attitude and a lifestyle. Throwdown MMA believes in always accepting a challenge, refusing to play it safe, taking chances, never backing down and putting it all on the line for what you believe in.

This mentality applies to not only mixed martial arts athletes, but to everyone in their everyday work and personal lives. It’s about following your dream no matter what anyone says – you’ll Throwdown when you need to make it happen.

 Now that Throwdown Clothing has teamed up with Affliction Clothing to offer the same soft feel, high quality garment that Affliction is known for, but at a more affordable price – a combination that has taken Throwdown MMA to the next level.

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