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In the midst of changing times, self-defense is becoming a more important part of everyday life. As a result, many people are trying to find the best self-defense method. There are a lot of martial arts to choose from, and below, one of the more innovative styles in terms of self-defense will be discussed.

What is Krav Maga?

Krav Maga originates from Israel, was founded by Imi Lichtenfeld, and is a practice that continues to undergo modification and development as a fighting art. As a fighting style, it incorporates first and foremost the values of practicality and tactics during combat. It is primarily designed to be the best self-defense technique to avoid, deal with, and successfully overcome various forms of attacks or violence. Throughout the grading system, the trainee is taught the different aspects of one of the best self-defense methods, combat, self-protection, and defending other people.

Krav Maga is relatively easy to learn and master, especially if often practiced and performed with intuition. The real challenge is to be able to apply the techniques during stressful circumstances. Since there are no rules written in stone, Krav Maga is not limited to any specific moves or combinations. This is targeted by using a unique methodology in the teaching and training process.

Who Can Benefit from Krav Maga?

As one of the best self-defense methods, Krav Maga aims to make comprehensive and efficient use of different tactics, special approaches, techniques, drills, and subjects to whoever decides to take the training. It is recommended for people of all sexes and age groups, and unarmed civilians especially benefit from being equipped with the good training and preparation it provides.  Aside from regular citizens, law enforcement and national security officers, military personnel and police units also benefit from the principles of Krav Maga.

The Basic Principles

The key and core principle of Krav Maga, as one of the best self-defense forms, is to be able to end a fight as fast as possible. With this in mind, it’s natural that attacks are focused on the more vulnerable (and fatal) parts of the opponent’s body – the face, eyes, neck, knees, joints, and groin. During training, it is imperative that protective equipment is used in order to prevent any harm or serious injury.

Another principle that is characteristic of Krav Maga is the lesson of “using the nearest tool for the job.” This means that the most proximal limb at the time – and that which feels the most natural – should be utilized.

Overall, Krav Maga aims to allow the practitioner to retain both mental and physical control in a stressful situation. Not succumbing to fear, anxiety and panic are the most important tactics of surviving an attack.

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General Pointers

  • Pre-empt and counter-attacking immediately is encouraged.
  • Target the eyes, throat, jaw, ribs, solar plexus, knees, armpits, and groin to cause more damage.
  • Neutralize the opponent as fast as possible using continuous streams of high or low (for variety and unpredictability) counter attacks.
  • Remain aware of the environment at all times to get a sense of any escape routes, to be mindful of more opponents, or to locate objects that can be used in defense or attack.
  • Defend oneself against all attacks that are unarmed. These include strikes, punches, and kicks. Be able to release from these and hold the opponent.

Trainees are taught how to practice the best self-defense moves against multiple attackers, in all possible positions, places, and postures – either open, public, or confined places (inside a car, in an alley, in the staircase, etc.) The training also teaches the practitioners what to do in the event the attacker(s) is carrying weapons – knives, sharp objects, stick bars, baseball bats, or firearms.

Together with the basic principles and guidelines already mentioned, training may include situational awareness in order to create a better understanding of the person’s immediate environment. This also works in improving the person’s knowledge of street confrontation psychology and the ability to identify threats before the attack even takes place.

There is a system that we recommend that uses and enhances several key aspects of Krav Maga to form an even better method of self-defense.

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