The Benefits Of Using A Free Standing Heavy Bag

Over the years, mixed martial arts has increased in popularity and that has lead to an increase in use for the free standing heavy bag. These bags offer a number of benefits over a hanging heavy bag.

Even boxing studios have discovered these benefits and only the boxing purists scoff when they see this type of boxing bag at a boxing school.

One benefit of a free standing heavy bag is the extra striking surface users get; it is much bigger than a hanging bag. For the mixed martial arts crowd, this is critical as punches are often combined with kicks and knee strikes.

A free standing bag not only accommodates to but withstands those varying attacks better than most hanging bags do.

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High Quality – The boxing bag is made of durable multi-layer PVC material, which is thick, durable, flexible that help to hold air well and withstand all the damage without tearing-out like other inflatable punching bag products you have used before.

When a person really wants a hanging bag, they may opt for a double mounted hanging bag, but you will be surprised how much the bag still sways. A free standing heavy bag weighs quite a bit more than even the heaviest hanging bag.

The popular water filled bags can weigh as much as 275 pounds and that weight can increase when sand is used as the filler instead. This extra weight gives you a more stable bag to punch, kick, and strike with your knee.

To lessen the movement, a free standing heavy bag relies on extra padding which helps to cushion the blow and prevent swaying. You can tinker with the filling to get the best feel. For a more firm and substantial feel, opt for a bag filled with sand instead of the all-popular water.

The individual school may even have a few of each, giving the less experienced strikers a chance to use the water filled and the more advanced students the sand filled to keep it from moving when it is struck.

Also, freestanding bags are more portable than hanging bags. A small karate dojo, for instance, can have these lined up on the walls and will only roll them out to the middle of the gym when needed.

When there is not enough space for a permanent mount of a hanging bag, the standing bag becomes the obvious choice.

Moreover, you cannot ignore the costs. The filling is not added in the factory and the user must add either water or sand to the bag at home; this keeps costs low.

You will also find less labor is needed, which also results in saved money. A good percentage of labor costs comes from sewing the bag together by hand. Due to the design of a standing bag, less hand sewing is required.

Finally, there is the cost of shipping; it is very affordable. Since these boxing bags are shipped without filling, you will find the shipping costs to be a lot lower than your typical heavy bags.

Many of the heavy bags have shipping limits as to where they can be shipped. Limitations aren’t an issue with a freestanding heavy bag due to their size and weight.

A free standing heavy bag makes sense for more and more people. The benefits include the different styles unavailable, varying weights, and multiple mounting options.

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