Tai Chi Breathing Exercises

We all take breathing for granted; it is obviously something that we must do to sustain life. It is as normal to us as living and dying; or is it?

Learn to take time out

How many of us actually take time out to think about how we breathe and what correct breathing can actually do for us. Tai chi breathing exercises are a very effective way to encourage correct breathing naturally.

When we inhale accurately the entire diaphragm is completely connected which will assist us to totally utilise our lungs. Knowing to breathe properly is a necessity for us ,if we want to be able bodied.

Mainly the western population are likely to breathe too thinly, this will malnourish the body of  vital oxygen required for necessary cell renewal.

Seldom we barely exercise a tiny  part of our lungs after a while you will slowly reduce our body of vital power. If you would like to learn more about Tai Chi and Breathing click here: Tai Chi Breathing Exercises.

Breathe For Life

Correct abdominal breathing will help us in times of anger or in stressful situations, even when we are struggling to get a good night’s sleep. Without the body capable of loosening up the central nervous system it will get bogged down and the trauma fight flight effect will kick in.

This subsequently promotes the body to discharge stress hormones, which after a while reduces our nervous system. Because of stress stuck in your body, possibly causes long term poor health.

One more frequent dilemma which we find ourselves in is a demanding and anxious situation, we are inclined to hold our breath and breath extra shallow, making our bodies grow more sluggish.

Anxiety is occupied more in our abdomen, shoulders and jaw.

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Simple Tai Chi Breathing Exercise 1

While you are operating your PC or undertaking your job, use a break, leaving your thoughts to concentrate on your tummy area. Be conscious of your breathing, but let it occur normally. Please do not push it.

At the start you could discover that your breathing might halt for a time and that you are breathing very low; breathing mainly into the higher section of your chest.

However with a bit of exercise your breathing will strengthen and your lower stomach will engage and grow more. This is a really good way to breathe.

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The Second Breathing Exercise

5-10 minutes daily breathing practice

Sitting in an upright chair with your back up straight and chin tucked in.Hold your head straight, and with the top of your head pulled upward Sitting forward a little, place your legs and feet on the floor shoulder length distance.

Make certain that your stance is good and level and that your shoulders are not tense. Placing the palms of your hands right over left on your lower stomach region.

Make certain that your armpits are open and your arms are held in a curved position. If you are female put the left hand over the right. place your mind onto your lower abdomen region.

Breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth. Do not hold your breath, just let it happen. Count one and breathe in, then count one and breathe out.

Continue until you reach the count of ten and return to one again. If you lose count or focus, please return to one again and continue. You can continue with your eyes open or closed for this workout.

Following training your entire body will turn out to be more stress-free and your breathing will intensify into your lower abdomen region.

Why breathe correctly?

•    It gently massages your internal organs – liver, spleen, kidneys and heart
•    Fully oxygenates your whole body
•    Calms down your body to avoid tension of fight flight reaction
•    Supporting your interior organs, serving to avert illness
•    Encourages the diaphragm to become fully engaged, which helps the air in and out of your lungs
•    Intensifying your Qi
•    Assiting air penetrating into your cells
•    Helps your body to rest and recover from it’s over exertions more rapidly
•    Making it easier to keep in good physical shape
•    Discourages the stress fight flight response

Later on when you are at your PC or found in a worrying position, reflect on your breathing and what control it has on your body. Correct Tai chi breathing exercises can become part of your daily life, to fully invigorate your mind and body. For more on Tai Chi and to sign up for our FREE Tai Chi mini course follow the link: Tai Chi Online

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