Silver Star Apparel Is Built For MMA Champions

SilverStar Casting Company is one of the premier apparel brands in southern California, and a large portion of their business comes from the MMA circuit, where big name sponsors promote the brand’s youthful line of t-shirts, shorts, hoodies, headwear, and accessories.

The originality of Silver Star clothing is unmatched compared to other MMA brands, and the uniqueness of this family-owned business that began creating jewelry for the fashion industry in 1993 sets them apart from the competition.

There are so many different styles of Silver Star apparel available that it is difficult to pinpoint specific areas where they excel.

Perhaps the best description of the business is to say that they capture the spirit and perseverance of the champion martial arts fighter in every colorful and intricately designed garment they produce.

With such a wide selection, it is easy for individuals to find their own unique style simply by putting on a SilverStar T shirt or hoodie or beanie.

The company spends a good deal of time marketing and attracting high-profile stars, so a good portion of their apparel salutes the veterans of the UFC circuit. Champion athletes like Rich The Ace, Lyoto Machida, Jonny Bones Jones, and Sean “Muscle Shark” Sherk all have Premium tees designed after them.

In addition, Anderson “Spider” Silva, Clay “Carpenter” Guida, and Rashad “Suga” Evans show up on the list of official or “signature series” garments sanctioned by the athletes themselves. The notoriety and loyalty of these competitors gives further credence to the respect and admiration that the Silver Star brand inspires.

What’s more, the Silver Star clothing is made from the highest quality 100% cotton with loads of foil accents and mind-blowing graphics. SilverStar t shirts come in a wide variety of colors and many have design details on both front and back.

They spare no expense in supplying a full size range in all their clothing to ensure the widest possible audience of loyal fans who enjoy MMA competition.


Hoodies are another area where Silver Star apparel excels, with jumbo-sized prints that leave very little blank space on the garments. For reference, look at the Georges “Rush” St. Pierre Hoodie, Anderson Silva French Terry Zip Up Hoodie, or the Urijah Faber Hoodie as fine examples.

All have zippered fronts and interesting foil highlights that will draw many compliments for those who wear them.

The variety of Silver Star clothing doesn’t stop there, either. Their collection of hats tops off hip outfits for more than just martial arts fans.

The OG Bolt Spray Hat, for example, is a trucker style hat with a spray paint motif and extra stitching on the brim. The Inner Plaid Hat features metal appliqué and newsprint details with the familiar Silver Star script.

Lastly, the company offers a Silver Star T shirt that is more like a baseball jersey, the Clay Guida Longsleeve Walkout Jersey. It’s an official walkout tee from UFC 107, where Clay Guida dominated the competition.

The ¾ raglan sleeves are set off in a deep red from the rest of the shirt, with an electrified company logo on the back and sleeve of the shirt as well.

If you’re looking for something bold and different to wear to your next MMA title bout, look for Silver Star apparel first to stand out in the crowd.

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