Self Defense Training Vs. Self Defense Videos

You have probably noticed you usually have two options if you’ve ever been interested in real self defense. First you need to find a qualified personal defense instructor who will work with you in either a group or one on one setting.

Finding a good set of self-defense videos is another option you have. But you might ask, do self defense videos even come close to being as good as in person self defense training? In this article, we’ll take a look at this question and see if one has an overwhelming benefit over the other.

The first and most obvious difference is the fact that with in person self defense training, you have a live instructor there ready to answer any questions and direct you through training. If you have problems and need an answer right away this can be especially useful.

You might have to wait a few hours to get an answer if you were watching self defense videos. And that’s only if you’re able to find an instructor who answers questions. Many instructors will simply ignore your question and you will have to look for forums that may have the answer.

With this also comes the risk of receiving incorrect information from someone because of the way internet forums are anonymous. This obviously is not a problem if you can train with the instructor face to face.

Cost is another big factor to be aware of when choosing between self-defense training and self defense videos. Self defense training can be very expensive if you want to learn from a good instructor.

A lot of high level instructors will charge up to 00 a day. However, if you wanted that instructor to give you self defense videos you could get them for much less. Also take into account the cost benefit of getting self defense videos.

And of course there is the replay factor of self defense videos. With videos, you can watch the moves in slow motion over and over so that you make sure that you can learn them completely.

If you need to watch a move several times in order to master it this is very beneficial. This of course can also be done in person, but other students might get upset if they are used to a faster pace.

All in all, self defense videos can be just as good as one on one self defense training. Just make sure the instructor is good, and only pick the good videos that will fit you.

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