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Boxing vs MMA

Posted on: July 17th, 2012by WhichMartialArt

Boxing used to be the primary combat sport not only in America, but around the world. It seems no great stretch to say that things have changed drastically in the last decade. MMA, or Mixed Martial Arts now holds that title, having exploded in popularity in America and all across the globe. In fact, though the extreme success of MMA in America (thanks to the leading purveyor: The Ultimate Fighting Championship, or UFC) of the sport, it can still be looked upon as a vicious form of brutality, whereas in countries such as Brazil, Japan, Croatia and Russia, MMA is regarded as a honorable sport. In America, there is still an ongoing argument over boxing vs MMA. Which is the greater sport? Which is more representative of the country? Which style is stronger?


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Mixed Martial Arts

MMA vs Martial Arts

Posted on: July 12th, 2012by WhichMartialArt

When mixed martial arts (MMA) surged into popularity, MMA vs martial arts debates spread like wildfire. On one side is question of whether the traditional forms of martial arts are more effective than MMA as self-defense in the real world. The other more sport based MMA vs martial arts argument is whether or not traditional martial arts can match MMA styles in a cage fight/ring.


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