Five Equipment Essentials of MMA Training

You’ve chosen to begin MMA training? Great choice! But you’ll need to pick up some essential equipment. MMA is fun, but you want to avoid injury and remain safe. The five essential pieces of MMA equipment are:

Mouth guard

You don’t want broken teeth or a ruined smile. Ironically, many beginners forget to secure a mouth guard before starting training. A mouth guard is essential–and probably obvious to most people. Sparring matches can take place pretty early in training, so be sure to buy your mouth guard right away. It will protect your teeth and the soft tissues around your teeth.


Few athletes will intentionally strike you in the groin, but accidents happen. So give your groin the protection it needs. This is serious because even an accidental strike to the groin can cause permanent damage (to say nothing of pain). Be smart, purchase a cup and have some piece of mind during training. Hit: a good cup fits snugly but still allows for easy movement.

Training Gloves

Quality training gloves serve two purposes. They protect your hands and they ensure that your workout fully exerts you without risking injury to anyone (you or your opponent). The padding in the gloves prevents both injury and cramping. Be sure to purchase “training gloves” instead of regular fighting gloves. Training gloves have more padding than fight gloves.


Of course, you already own shorts, but you’ll want MMA specific shorts. These shorts will cost you a little more than other shorts but they’ll also be more comfortable. You‘ll have a greater range of motion in MMA shorts.


Training involves close contact and grappling with opponents. You’ll both be sweaty. This situation will leave you feeling really gross and uncomfortable in a regular T-shirt. Avoid discomfort. Buy a rashguard. Rashguards fit snugly, direct sweat away, and stretch to allow a full range of motion.

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