Can Fighting Techniques Be Used As Self Defense Techniques?

Ah, the age old question. Millions of people train year round to learn fighting techniques. Things such as boxing, MMA, all of these are fighting techniques designed to be used in competition sport.

The question is can these techniques be used properly for self defense as well? Let’s take a look at that exact question, and see what we can find out.

First off, let’s identify some common fighting techniques. The first technique is the common jab. We now have two staple techniques, because the jab is usually followed up by a cross punch. The round house kick is another common technique seen in fighting.

You can temporarily cripple your opponent when you use these devastating kicks properly. So there you have the three staple fighting techniques we will be looking at.

We’re going to first talk about the jab. Are jabs very useful in self defense or are they only useful as fighting techniques? Unfortunately these aren’t very practical in self defense situations.

You see, jabs are not used as a full out self defense blow but instead as a quick strike in competition sport. In real life, self defense situations are over in a few quick seconds, so a jab will not be very useful.

Next we’ll talk about the cross punch. Cross punches can be extremely useful fighting techniques, or they can be used as self defense techniques. The cross punch can take out an attacker very easily because it is a very powerful strike.

One or two cross punches can put down even the strongest man if placed properly. A cross punch would be a good technique to practice since it can be used as either.

Finally, how about a roundhouse kick? Can roundhouse kicks be used as proper self defense techniques or are they strictly for fighting? Well, the answer is yes and no. While being very dangerous, roundhouse kicks to the head can potentially put you in a very bad situation.

However, an instant fight winner can come in the form of a roundhouse kick to the groin. As long as you remember not to kick above the belt you’ll be good to go.

So there you go. Almost all self defense techniques can be used as fighting techniques, but not all fighting techniques can be used as self defense techniques.

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