Absolute Power – “Or so I Thought”

Holy Stone School loomed at me, it was 3.30 pm on a dark winter’s night and the kids were just starting to leave. I waited at the Gate in my car for the caretaker to see me in. 14 kids were booked to somehow “Try and Taste” a Martial Art – we had eight weeks of one-hour sessions to produce a result…

– It was a new learning curve for me. Normally I don’t teach children, in fact over the 35 years that I have practiced and taught the martial art of Aikido I think that only half a dozen children have been in one of my classes.

Phil, The Organizer Of The Course

Phil, the organizer of this course, assured me that all involved were so enthusiastic about this project and that it was actually oversubscribed and more people wanted to be on this course than they had ever dreamed of. Anyway, we all got changed. The mats were set out. The children ran around the mats, tumbled and fell, rolled, screamed, shouted, and went absolutely crazy.

Of course, I had already prepared all of the lessons for the next eight weeks in my mind, but things didn’t work out the way I thought, in fact, after about five minutes I threw the prep work into my mental bin!!

I knew that I had to make some kind of impact to be able to sustain life and most of all sanity – to get through these two months.

I decided to take the hard approach to be able to control this lot. I worked my hard-looking face(not really), and a fierce hand clap got them all lined up in a row. Did peace reign but for how long?

Well, peace reined for about two whole minutes at the most. It was time to try and create some kind of a game in order to maintain some level of interest.

“That seemed to work!” I found that if I put everything into a sort of game mode, that may be my savior, but alas it was not, my little trusts were looking for something more. That “something more” was Aikido, Aikido, Aikido.”

When do we get to do the Aikido? One of them spouted (I had earmarked this one as a potential trouble maker). I think they wanted Blood, Guts, and Gore exclaimed Phil!

Mhhh !!It’s going to be hard work getting through this hour!!.

Tell you what let’s have a competition! Let’s see who can balance on one leg, but for the next hour !!!

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