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Modern Arnis Seminar – Bedford
#5 – 0–dragosani–Modern Arnis Seminar – Bedford–2005-11-04 23:12:28

#Mabuhay to all,

Dr Remy P Presas will be coming to England on 5th & 6th of May 2006 to teach a seminar in the world famous style of marppio modern arnis – covering weapon skills and empty hand skills. Any artist may attend and will leave the seminar with a much deeper understanding of the Filipino arts. Once learned never forgotten. This is a chance to train with one of the fma’s greats!

– For further information on this seminar please contact:

guro Michael Lorimer-George

mobile# 07986407244

diwang panlaban arnis.

Future self defence seminar in the pipe line, taught by guro Michael Lorimer George, covering realistic defence philippines style.

This stuff works for anyone, any fitness, fat thin or old.

If i get enough interest i will arrange the seminar asap.

Lets face it, most people watch t.v……smoke……drink…..etc so they need to learn some thing that really works, and u dont have to be a physical super man!

You have nothing to lose…..(well almost £30) and everything to gain!

I’m not famous but i know what works!!

salamat & mabuhay!–comments–>0–167–3

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