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British National Martial Arts Association Awards 2005
#7 – 0–dragosani–British National Martial Arts Association Awards 2005–2005-11-05 16:26:51

#Dale Cooper, Chief Instructor of the Independent Tang Soo Do Association Bedfordshire UK was awarded his 4th Dan Black belt and an award in recognition of his contribution and dedication to the art of Tang Soo Do, at the British National Martial Arts Associations National Awards evening held at the Palms hotel Essex on October 29th 2005. Over 200 people from various martial arts styles from around the UK were also in attendance.
The Award was presented by Mr Paul Griffin head of The BNMAA and World Taekwondo Champion, and film celebrity Mr Silvio Simac.
Dale Cooper was amongst several martial artists who were rewarded for their commitment and hardwork.
The event affirms the British National Martial Arts commitment to promoting the continuing positive development of the Martial Arts both nationally and internationally.

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